I spent most of the day attending the group presentations for my CPSC 544 class. There were four groups and each presentation was about half an hour. Earlier, I had spent the morning with my group putting the finishing touches on our video. Each group had to include a video with our presentation. I had a lot of fun editing our video and knew it was going to be good.

I actually didn’t have to say anything for our presentation as Doug and Reid took over the speaking duties themselves. That left Tim and myself to just listen. Alright by me!

As I expected, our video ruled! We were the only ones to include music, titles with an edge, and humour. Everyone else took a serious approach to their video, which was ok, but certainly didn’t have the entertainment value ours did.

The video has been encoded for online viewing, but I’m still working out the hosting issues. I’d think it might be neat for everyone to see what a few hours of work can get you. In the meantime, there’s a screenshot above.

I’ll let you know when the whole thing will be available for download.

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