Hey, you know that video I was talking about? Yeah, it’s available for download now.

Just so the video doesn’t completely confuse you, let me explain the context. We had to do a group project for my Human Computer Interaction course. Myself and three others developed a new debugging interface/system for software development. We came up with three new features: a println/printf generator, a container visualizer, and a stack trace. If this doesn’t make any sense to you, the video still is kinda entertaining.

Anyways, the video shows two test subjects using our system and then I interview them afterwards.

Click here to download the video. You might want to right click and Save As. It’s in .avi format and weighs in at 39 Mb. It’s a bit hefty, but for you on corporate and school connections, what do you care? The video requires the codecs from DivX 5.0.2, so you might need to head over there before you can watch this digital masterpiece. Enjoy!

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