Somewhat deservedly, I took last evening off. I did nothing related to school, well, unless you call burning a copy of Matlab school-related. I did laundry, which is why I’m wearing meadow-fresh underwear right now.

I also downloaded a copy of WinDVD 4.0. It sure took them long enough to put the “Always On Top” feature on. Now I can finally watch movies no matter what I’m doing.

The whole evening seemed completely foreign to me. I didn’t do any work, and I can’t say I’ve done that since before November. It felt really good.

I had planned on beginning my studies again today, but waking up at noon isn’t the best motivator for doing work. I went out and grabbed some lunch and got some Post-Its (TM). When I got back home, I did everything else other than school work. I checked e-mail, read some news, etc.

I think part of my brain believes we’re done school for the term. (Un)fortunately, other parts of my brain realize that I have a project due on Monday that’s worth 50% of the course and I haven’t started it yet. A more conventional person would be freaked out by this, but I’m not for some reason. Not that it’s going to be an easy project, but I think a lot of it has to do with me not caring. I’m kinda tired, and it’s been a long road trip.

Hopefully after this post I’ll start some work, but I might take a nap or play some games.

By the way, do I know anyone in Kingston, Ontario right now?

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