I thought I’d keep track of the progress of my project so that I could go back one day and read exactly where the wheels fell off on this thing… ha ha ha.

Seriously folks, I just wrote down the rulebase for my controller on paper. The rulebase is what determines how the controller will behave when I run my simulation. So far, I’ve made rules so that my defenseman will rush up the ice to help his team in the offensive zone, he will rush back into the defensive zone if gets caught up the ice, and if he’ll pinch in if his team is losing and behind in the game. You know, I just realized I have no rules when no has the puck. Whoops. I also just realized I have no rules the defenseman’s team has the puck but not in the offensive zone. Aw crap, I knew these rules were going to just pile up.

Geez, the rules are still on paper. I haven’t even entered them in Matlab! This is going to take all night! 🙁

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