Yes, I’m basically done the project that has plagued me for the last four days. In my estimation, what I’ve come up with is a steaming pile of crap. I’m not happy with it, but it’s outta my hands. I would need another two weeks and a complete change in topic to get it when I want it.

I made a critical error in choosing a non-traditional system to control. Oh, it was novel of me to try to use fuzzy logic to control the behaviour of a video game character, but in the end it wound up biting me in the ass.

For starters, I didn’t have nearly enough time to do what I wanted and to figure out all the problems. Learning Matlab at the same time didn’t help.

Oh well. Now all I have to do is proof-read it, print it out, and get it bound.

When I hand it into the office tomorrow, I’ll be done for the term. My holidays start tomorrow. I’m going to eat roast chicken and play video games. Oh, and get a haircut. I’ve had exam hair for almost a month now.

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