I know a lot of people look forward to doing fun things over the holidays. Lame as it is, I’m looking forward to going to Lougheed Mall in Burnaby. Or I guess the proper name is Lougheed Town Centre.

My desire stems from years past when I’d be at UBC for months at a time. During Christmas and the summer, I’d come back for the first time in months and see how the mall has changed. Stores expand, others close, new come and take their place. I’m easily amused.

Well, this year is a special year my hometown mall. They’re been renovating and expanding. A new London Drugs, SportChek, and IHOP will be opening. I wonder if they’ll be done by the time I go back. I’m not really excited about London Drugs and SportChek. After all, you can find those elsewhere, but IHOP? Oh yeah, I can’t wait for that. I’ve discovered I have a fondness for breakfast served at restaurants. Everytime I go to Denny’s, I’m always getting breakfast. I’ve never been to IHOP before and I’m looking forward to it. I told Lindsay about my excitement for IHOP and she told me IHOP is great. A ringing endorsement!

I wonder if I have anyone to go with. I’d hate to go alone. Maybe I can take my sister.

Besides the new stores, the mall has also put in new decor, floors, escalators, and elevators. I wonder if it’ll still have the same Lougheed Mall feel.

Well, I leave you with a breakfast-related picture. It’s a picture of a pan of scrambled eggs and bacon I made a few weeks back. It was yummy!

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