My e-mail to Country Style was just sent off. I wonder when they’ll respond.

I was looking on their Contact page for where to send the e-mail. I used their feedback address, but I noticed they list the e-mail addresses for their top level management team. At the last second, I CC’d the mail to Country Style President and CEO Patrick W. Gibbons. I usually don’t do this type of stuff, because I believe in the right e-mails going to the right place. There are many things worthy of attention, but these things don’t need to be attended to by everyone, including CEOs.

I don’t know why I included him at the last second. I hardly think I’m the most important person in the world. Maybe I just thought he’d get things moving faster.

We will see. In the mean time, if you do go to Country Style, make sure they charge you the right amount.

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