I’m going to let you in on a little secret. This is almost a sure-fire way of making yourself into a success. Unfortunately, it requires you to have a little bit of money first, or at least investors.

Someone should open up a Vietnamese pho noodle restaurant in Yaletown. I bet it’d be overrun with customers. Think about it. Yaletown is filled with trendy, cutting edge, and sometimes pretentious eateries. What would go against that, but still offer food that people want to eat? The universal appeal of pho is undeniable.

I’ve seen people of different cultural backgrounds and different socio-economical origins come together to eat a steaming bowl of pho noodle soup. It’s the one thing they can agree on and be addicted to.

The downtown core is sadly lacking in pho joints. They are far and few between, and poorly advertised. There are none in Yaletown.

If I had the gumption and the cash, I’d open a pho restaurant right in Yaletown. Somewhere along Hamilton or Mainland. I’d make it friendly and not too trendy. I’d call it just Pho and the sign would be back lit with blue neon. Inside, the furniture would be nice but not avant-garde. The kitchen staff would consist of real Vietnamese cooks. I’d have a web site. I might even take orders over the Internet for delivery around the Yaletown area.

Pho would be clean, classy, affordable, approachable, and worthy of every diner’s dollar. I tell ya, it’s a gold mine waiting to be discovered.

If I had $200K, I’d be on this mofo in a second. Anyone who does, you’d be foolish to not at least look into this.

I can’t believe I just gave away this great potential business opportunity! It’s money for the taking folks!

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