Yes, that’s right, I need new footwear. I’ve decided the pair of brown oxfords I’ve been wearing from Roots for about two years is no longer acceptable. I should have decided this long ago.

Both shoes have soles which have split and cracked. Thus, everytime I step into a puddle, the water gets absorbed into the shoe, and my socks get wet. Believe or not, this happened a year ago, and I still wore them in this Vancouver weather.

However, it is clear this is no way to live. Everyone should have dry feet, no matter what the weather.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Roots store downtown. They told me my particular pair of shoes wasn’t available this season. In fact, there were no brown shoes available at all. What the hell is that all about? How do you not sell brown shoes for an entire season?

I didn’t think about going to any other stores, because I didn’t know where to go and I was out of time. Today, though, I’ve realized I have to get new shoes. Where though? Where, I ask you? Where?

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