When you’re in school long weekends are a gift from heaven. It’s a time to catch your breath, get some sleep, do some domestic chores, and most importantly, get some work done.

I cleaned my bathroom and did laundry on Friday. Saturday was a bit of a write-off, but for very good reasons. I actually didn’t get any substantial amounts of work done until Sunday. I also had a visit from my parents on Sunday too. They came to give some supplies from Costco. They were nice enough to even take me out to dinner. My mommy brought pictures from her most recent trip to China. She went some place call the Stone Forest. It looked like a forest of stone monoliths. Kinda creepy.

Anyways, they also told me they’re going to Hong Kong for about a week. This is like the 700th time they’ve gone to Hong Kong in the last five years. My mom says she can’t go anywhere else because it’s too expensive. I guess so.

It was nice seeing my parents. Honestly, parents can be pleasant to be around in small doses. Oh before we left for dinner, I introduced my parents to Nic and Marcia. They were really excited to meet my parents. That’s funny. Marcia wanted to try her Cantonese out on my mom, but she was too nervous to try. Next time!

In other news, I’ve decided that if I get only one gift for the holidays, I would love to get the Band of Brothers DVD set. Sure it’s been on TV, but we’re talking six discs of 1.78:1 widescreen goodness, combined with both DD and DTS 5.1 audio options. Nevermind the excellent set of supplements and it’s all packaged in a neat tin case. 🙂

Holy crap, it’s almost four am, time to go to bed!

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