As the owner and proprietor of, I’m curious as to who’s visiting my site. It’s neat when my friends visit, sure it’s even neat when someone from the US Office of Naval Research takes a look at my site. Today, however, I had a visit from an organization that far exceeds any others in importance (at least in my mind).

Just half an hour ago, I was sifting through the visitor logs for my site, looking at the IP addresses for all the visitors for today. Using commonly available tools, I’m able to trace back where visitors are coming from, generally to what city or what company (ie. Compaq, Texas Instruments).

Well, I picked one particular IP and entered it into the reverse DNS and traceroute tools. What came back stunned me. I’ve included a screenshot of what I saw below.

I’ve blurred out the last two digits of the IP for privacy, but we can all see where this visitor originated from. Yep, you’re reading it right… I had a visitor from LUCASFILM!!!

I just sat there, not knowing what to think. I was excited, humbled, suprised, all those things at once. According to my logs, the visitor from Lucasfilm only went to the pages where I analyzed the musical endings to Return of the Jedi. They downloaded one MP3 and that’s all they saw.

Then my mind began to think of fantastical situations. What if… what if this visitor, was THE MAN himself? No, no it couldn’t be I thought. Why would I be blessed with that honour? What if it was though? A simple guy like me, just trying to make his way through the universe, having his site visited by the creator of Star Wars.

Too crazy I thought. What if it was Rick McCallum visiting or even Ben Burtt? Any one of those and it would still be a great honour. In reality, I know it could be anyone at Lucasfilm. It could have been a lowly production assistant or someone like that.

Still, someone at the Ranch, someone who works for the company that makes Star Wars(!) decided to take a look at my site! Cool!

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