I’ve only been able to fall asleep at 5am lately. This has got to stop. It leaves me as a very unproductive person during the day, and I crave for naps.

Anyways, Richard gave his blog talk today at the Educational Studies department. It was a good overview of the blog world and phenomenon. There were lots of people at the lecture, way more than I thought there would be. At the end, he brought up my web site, but strangely, they didn’t click on the link for my blog. So there were about 20 people just staring at my main page. Boy, am I glad I took off that picture of adult film actress Tawny Roberts. There was no nudity in the picture, some would even call it tasteful, but you don’t wanna come off as some sorta porn afficianado in front of highly educated people. So, in its place, I put up a one sheet from The Matrix Reloaded. Even then, some woman asked me about it. Geez, imagine if I left the porno queen up!

The term is slowly but surely coming to an end. Today, I had the last lab in my 310 class. Wow, time sure flew since September! If Ken, my TA in the lab is reading this, thanks for running an enjoyable lab section. Princeton guys are alright.

So tomorrow is my last midterm of the term. It promises to be quite a doozy! I’m mostly likely going to be taking it up the ass tomorrow, but there’s nothing I can do about it. The way the material has been laid out, studying really can’t help you. That sounds crazy, but refer to my last post for more explanation.

Well, I have to go, I am wearing the last pair of clean underwear today, so I need to do laundry.

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