I am less than twenty-minutes removed from a midterm I just wrote. As a summary, I can tell you it did not go well.

Here are a few random thoughts I have now:

– it was not necessary for me to have studied all week for this exam, nothing about it tested us on any knowledge that we acquired in class

– the whole exam was mostly mathematical proofs; the last time I checked, I was registered in mechanical engineering, where practical applications of science and technology are the thrust of why we do the things we do, not dicking around with proofs

– a math major probably could have written this exam cold and scored higher than any one of us who attended every lecture of the term

– when it comes to my intellectual strengths, mathematical proofs are my Achilles’ heel

– the last part of the exam was worth 25% of the marks, and I stared at the question for ten minutes without having a clue where to start

– I will be lucky to get 5 marks out of the last question

– as I walked home, I suddenly realized how to do the last question

– I want to blow shit up for the rest of the evening

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