I anticipate the next few days are going to get quite hectic for me… hell, they’re hectic now! As such, I might not be making many posts, and if I do, they’ll probably be short, if not coherent.

However, I know my faithful readers still want some entertainment out of this site, so who I am to disappoint them?

In light of this, I figured I’d let you read some of the blogs I read. Surprisingly, there are more blogs out there than mine own! Really! Let’s begin:


This blog actually has a personal connection to me… sort of. I have this friend Fraser, who told me once that he met some girl on this on-line dating service. They were going to go on a first date and naturally I wanted to hear more about this girl. He wouldn’t tell me anything except that she had a web site. He gave me the address and I took a look. Devon’s blog was the first ever I had seen. I was immediately interested in the whole format of blogging. It seemed so random and easy to get your thoughts out. It took about five months, but I gathered the courage to launch my own blog after seeing Devon’s.

Now about Devon’s blog itself. Hmmm…. how should I put it terms that are accurate. Ok, how about this… if my blog is a combination of a Dennis Miller rant and a Fox sit-com, then Devon’s blog is an old fashioned melodrama. She’s so open with her thoughts and emotions, it can’t help but read like a melodrama. She writes down when she cries (it can be quite often), what her fears are, when she has fights with people (again, can be quite often), and almost everything in general.

I’ve never met her in person, but I feel I know a lot about her. I rarely go to her site to get a laugh, but I do go to see how gritty other people’s lives are. I applaud Devon for being so candid on the Internet. If I had to deal with some the issues she does, I doubt I’d have the strength to post everything on the Internet for all to see.

Click here to read Devon’s blog.

Alyssa Murphy

On the other end of the emotional spectrum, is a 23 year-old woman living in Hawaii named Alyssa Murphy. I still can’t remember how I got to her blog, but I’m glad I did. I’m going to get this out of the way, so I can continue… Alyssa is a very attractive woman (some of my friends might even describe her as hot). There, I feel much better… 🙂

Her posts are really interesting to read. She’s a capable and confident young woman with an interesting job, lots of friends, and an active social life. She always seems upbeat and even when she has a bad day, it appears to never drag her down that far. A bit of a contrast compared to Devon at times.

This is going to sound weird, but if I were to have a daughter, I’d like her to have some of the qualities that Alyssa exhibits. Man, I must be getting old… ha ha ha.

Anyways, here is her blog and here is her personal web site.

I need to sleep, so I’ll catch you guys later.

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