I went grocery shopping for the first time since the beginning of school. Yeah, I know, it’s sad and suprising at the same time.

The only reason I went is because Nic and Marcia got a car for a few hours. We went to the liquor store first, and I picked up a few bottles of wine. I’m planning having wine on Friday nights to melt away my troubles of the week. That sounds either really sophisicated or really gay.

Next we headed off to the Safeway on 10th Ave. I haven’t been to that Safeway in years! It’s changed a bit since I was in there. To be honest, I think the Safeway at Lougheed Mall is a bit better (except the girls are still hotter at 10th Ave). I couldn’t find any decaffeinated green tea, nor could I find an apple pie. Nonetheless, I bought tons of food, even a roasted chicken. I swear food shopping takes on a new significance when you’re a student.

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