I’m not in a good mood right now. Here’s the story. I have this class where the text has been reserved in the Computer Science Reading Room. There is one copy of the book that you can sign out for a one day loan. The prof has been very considerate in doing this, as we don’t reference the text all time, only some of the time. Buying the text isn’t necessary in this case, as a lot of our readings come from the web.

Well, a few of the readings this week have come from this text. Today at 4pm, I go to the Reading Room to sign the text out for the weekend. It’s out. I look at the card in the pile and I find out that the book was due on the 2nd of October. It’s the 4th today. This book can only be signed out for one day. I tell the librarian and she says I should e-mail the person since the borrower’s e-mail is on the sign-out card.

So, I sit down at a terminal at the RR and e-mail this direct yet polite e-mail to my lazy, greedy, thoughtless classmate of mine. The librarian takes notes of the e-mail address and she says she knows who the student is. “She’s been here for years”, she tells me.

Now that I’m home, I’m thinking I should have swore up a storm in my e-mail, or at least been not so polite. What the hell do I care? I don’t know her, nor am I going to do any group projects with her.

I think I know who she is too. She was actually at class today. If I knew she was hoarding that book, I would have a few words with her. It really bothers me that stupid, greedly, selfish people can get away with this stuff.

I hope she returns the book soon and then fails the course. Honestly, I do.

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