So after being filled with rage because of not having the chance to sign out that textbook, I decided to head downtown. I needed to grab some dinner and pickup my pants from Banana Republic.

I go downtown, eat, and pick up my pants. I decide to buy some aromatherapy candles ’cause I don’t want my room to stink like a guy. So, I’m standing there paying for my stuff, when some guy walks up to me. He goes, “Excuse me, I really like your coat, it’s nice… what do you call it?”

I’m wearing my black three-quarter length coat, it’s made of polyester, nothing special. I respond with, “I dunno, it’s a three-quarter length coat, I got it at Banana Republic…” I point down to the end of the mall where BR is located. The dude kinda looks confused, and I figure he might be out of town. He adds, “Oh thank you, that coat makes you look really handsome.”

With that he walks away, and I’m left standing there with the cashier. I finish paying and I go to take the bus home.

While I’m walking to the bus stop, I’m thinking, “Wait, did that guy just hit on me?” Maybe he did like my coat, but most guys don’t say to other guys, ‘you look handsome’, well maybe they do, but only if they’re gay.

There are a million hot looking chicks out there and I get some dude who compliments me on my coat.

I guess it’s better than receiving no compliments. However, my parents probably think I’m gay, and if they read this, they’re not going to be too pleased. Ha ha ha… but seriously Mom, I’m not gay… really, no really…

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