So I’m going through the Internet like most people do, and I stumble upon some girl’s modeling web site, again like most people do.

She seems pretty serious about modeling. As I peruse through her portfolio, I notice one of her sections is labelled “vintage”. Intrigued, I take a look. The section contains a few pictures of her that date back a few years, but most of them seem very recent. I start to wonder why she would call them “vintage”. I go back to her portfolio and look at some of her “other” sections. Then, I go back to the “vintage” ones. It’s then that I notice something. For your convenience, I’ve taken a “vintage” image and placed it next to a “recent” image. Click on the comparison image for a closer look.

Do you see what I see? Now, it’s true I don’t have all the facts. There is a chance in the realm of possibility that she might have experienced a sudden, um, natural “development”. I don’t have all the facts, so it is a possibility. Then, there are other “possibilities” that might be attributed to this impressive “development”. However, I’m going to keep this classy (ha ha ha) and leave that up to your imagination.

I’ve been taking this course in fuzzy logic, where inferences are made based on incomplete data. It might be a stretch to apply those concepts here, but I’m going to make my own inference. What’s yours?

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