So today I’m walking to CICSR to go and sign out a book. On the way there, I cut through a parking lot. At the ticket dispenser, I see this guy. He looks a lot like a guy I used to work with. His name is Doug Smith, and we both used to work at this place called Cypress Solutions. While it was supposed to be a product development firm, it actually was a faithful recreation of the fiery depths of hell.

Anyways, I’m not too sure if it’s Doug. During the summer, I went hiking and I saw this guy who looked a lot like Doug, and I gave him a long, hard look. It turned out it wasn’t Doug, and I just looked stupid. However, this time, this guy is looking at me like he knows me too. I get closer, and I’m sure it’s him. He’s the first one to speak.



We quickly get up to speed on our present situations. He’s working for a small medical products firm. I tell him my story. We don’t mention Cypress. Just as well I suppose. He tells me he’s here to meet with some people over at the Metals and Materials building. I leave him to his meeting, but before I do so, I pass along my e-mail address. He says it’ll be hard to forget an address like mine.

Doug was a good guy when I worked with him. I hope he contacts me. Geez, what if he’s reading this now? Doug, e-mail me.

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