Sorry, for not posting in a while, I was really busy when I got back to UBC.

Anyways, today I was reminded of how damn lucky I am to be living at St. John’s College on campus. I had a meeting at 9am, so I woke up at 8am. I stumbled out of bed, got decent, boiled some water, and had a nice breakfast. I went to my meeting and was back in my warm room by 10:15am. I got back into my PJs, checked my mail and checked if the sniper had killed anyone new, and then crawled into bed for a nap.

You can’t beat that convenience! The naps, the comfort of your own place right on campus, your own food, the warmth of your fuzzy slipppers… these are things a commuter can’t have during the day. Today after lunch, I watched a taped episode of Friends. Now, I’m going to go to my last class of the day. Truly, I live a charmed life compared to those who have to drive or bus it to school. I thank the stars I made into residence.

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