I have this weird situation in one of my classes right now… well, technically it’s two. Anyways, for my undergrad class, there’s this guy and he’s my TA for the lab. However, for one of my grad classes, this guy is in the same class, so he’s my classmate in that particular situation. I’m sure he’s realized that I’m in his class, but at the same time, he knows I’m in the lab section he runs. He’s been cool about it so far, and he hasn’t even said, “Hey, you’re in one of my grad classes”.

Here’s where it gets a little weirder. I got a little curious about my classmates in my grad class, so I tried to see if they had web pages on the CS server. Most CS grads do. Lo and behold, my TA does. I find out that this guy is just a kid! He’s at most 23 years old, but probably only 22. He graduated high school a year after I graduated from university! When I was battling away during my hellish 2nd year of mechanical, this guy was celebrating his graduation from middle school. Now this guy is marking my labs.

This made me feel really old. I also felt like I was snooping on this guy’s life. Though, I guess if he didn’t want anyone to know about something, he shouldn’t have put it on his site.

Which brings up an interesting point, should I censor what I say here just because I know someone will read it? One issue that’s come up is that by using my @erwintang.com e-mail address, people automatically are curious about the crap I have here. I think I’ve mentioned this before.

So let’s say I’m in this really small grad class where we fill out an info sheet with our names and e-mail address on it. Then let’s say, there’s some super hot chick in that class. Yeah, unlikely in CS and MECH classes, but bear with me. Then assume this info sheet gets passed along to said super hot chick, and she sees my address. Then, assume I go home and write here, “Oh my God, there’s this smoking hot chick in my CPSC XXX class, I’m gonna spank it tonight thinking about her naked!” Then she visits my site, sees what I’ve read, and now I’m in deep trouble.

Ok, extreme example, but it does illustrate my point. I’d hate to think I would not write about something interesting just because there’s a chance someone might read about themselves. I wonder if I’ll have to make a secret blog where I put all the juicy stuff in there. Mmmm… highly doubtful since my life isn’t all that interesting, but you never know!

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