Hey, corned beef from a can is already cooked right? ‘Cause if it isn’t, this is gonna be one of my last posts for a while.

Anyways, today I actually felt like I got some work done. First time since I started school. I got up at 11am, and studied for my midterm until basically 3pm. I think if I stopped studying now, I’d pass the exam. Yay! Except I’d like to more than pass.

I just realized though, if I was as dilligent as I was today in the past, my November would be a lot easier. As it stands, November is going to be a tough month. I have two major projects to complete, several assignments, two midterms, and two presentations. I could have finished one of the assignments and one of the presentations by now, but my slacking prevented that. If I work harder now, it’ll ease the workload I have in November.

I had another interesting thing happen today. Have you ever gone through a really familiar place like a hundred times, and thought you knew everything about that place? I had that feeling about the main floor of the Student Union Building here on campus. I’ve been through that place countless times and I thought I knew every nook and cranny. However, today I acquired a new perspective. After my only class of the day, I walked to the SUB with a classmate of mine, Michael. We went to Pie ‘R Squared and grabbed a slice of pizza. Mike said, “I’m gonna eat this at the Film Society, we got couches, wanna come?”

I said ok, I’ve never been there before, so why not? Mike lead me to this door at the end of the main floor of the SUB. I went into this darkened room and here was the space for the Film Society. There were couches, a widescreen TV, a 5.1 sound setup, and a movie playing. This room was literally right next to the loud, busy, and crowded main floor of the SUB. Yet, here, the room was quiet and tranquil. Several people were watching the Helen Hunt snorer (ha ha ha), “As Good As It Gets”. I never knew that room ever existed, and it was weird knowing you could find some peace there.

Sometimes, you can find new experiences without really going anywhere new.

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