Dear Lord, did I just get my ass kicked. What the hell was that?

I didn’t even get to finish the last question, which had about 30% of the marks. I knew I was in trouble when I was on the 2nd to last question still and there was less than 10 min. left. It took me nearly five minutes alone to read and understand the last question. By the end, I was in that freak-out mode where you’re just scribbling crap hoping to get part marks. The thought of getting the whole thing right is just out the window at this point.

The next thing I know, the exam is over. We pass our papers over. I was sitting next to my buddies for the exam. Chris turns to me and goes, “What the fuck was that?!?” Jonathan didn’t finish either.

While I’m still disappointed, my feelings are somewhat tempered by the fact I’m not alone in being displeased with the pacing of the exam.

Well, I’m going to Safeway now. Bacon here I come!

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