I must say time has just flown by here in the last two months. I think it’s done that because I like where I live, the people I live with, and what I’m studying.

As I look ahead to the month of November, I’m marvelling at how quickly things have gone. Essentially one more month and the term will be over. I have only one final and its on the first day of the exam period.

November, however, will not be a cakewalk. I have two heavy duty projects due at the end of the month (right when I should be studying for my final). I also have that stupid presentation that I should have completed by now. My friends, the last two weeks of November should be a lot of fun.

Now this is gonna sound stupid, but I’ll also have some distractions from the entertainment world too. Attack of the Clones comes out on DVD on November 12, the new Bond flick comes out at the end of November, and Medal of Honor : Spearhead gets released on November 18. The smart thing to do is to wait until the month of December, when I have nothing to do, and then partake in some fun. But the smart thing isn’t always the most fun thing isn’t it?

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