As the days and nights get colder, I’ve discovered a problem here in my room. As you might expect, this place isn’t centrally heated. Each room has one of those baseboard heater thingys. It’s located underneath the window. Unfortunately, my desk is also located near the window. When I turn on the heat, it travels up underneath the bottom of my desk, along the bottom, and then up into my face.

As you can imagine, having a face full of hot air isn’t making studying very comfortable. I have a problem with dry skin too, so my legs get as dry your mouth gets when you eat like 10 crackers in a row with no water.

However, it gets cold when you turn off the heat (boy, I can see the Nobel committee getting my award ready with revelations like these). I figure I have to move my desk away from the window a few more inches, so the heat travels through the gap between the desk and the wall. Which essentially makes my room smaller if you think about it.

I’m probably going to start adding moisture to the air in my room soon as well. I learned a neat trick from Cory, one of my old roomates from Fairview. He told me to keep a kettle boiling continually in a closed room, adding water every few minutes. I tried it and it worked like a charm! My room was like a tropical rainforest after a while and it was so good for my skin.

Well, I have to get some more work done. I’ve accomplished nothing tonight thus far, except for finishing a really bad essay and baking a batch of cookies. See ya.

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