Well, I’m posting this from my new home at St. John’s College at UBC. There was a hiccup with internet access, but it’s all good now. Virtually all my stuff is moved in and I just need to organize a bit now.

It was very weird after dinner with my parents tonight. After the meal, I gathered my crap together and stuffed it into the car. My dad then drove me to UBC. This was exactly what happened on Sundays for five straight years between 1992-1997. And these weren’t happy memories either. During the years 1992-1995, I was taking inhumanly tough course loads, so I was always stressed out about getting work done. Having to stop work to have dinner and then driving back to UBC meant I lost about two hours of valuable work time. When I would get back to UBC, I’d always be in a hurry to unpack and start work again.

As I look back upon that, it was insane to feel that much stress. It was really unhealthy. In 1996 and 1997, my course loads were much lighter, so on those Sundays that I was at home, I’d be watching TV before dinner, my dad would drive me back to UBC, and then I’d continue to watch at UBC. What a world of difference.

Of course, the stressful memories are the ones that stand out.

Grad school is a bit strange, there’s a possibility I won’t have any grad classes at all this week. I’ll just have my one undergrad class to go to. I’m hoping this is the case, since I need a few days just to adjust to being in a new place. Man, I just moved in early June!

I wonder if I’ll be able to fall asleep easily tonight. It being a new room and new bed, I’ll probably be a bit uncomfortable. It’s strange how I used to get a new room every year, and I didn’t even blink, but after five years of being out, it’s a big deal now.

Ok, that’s it for now. Wish me luck on this new wild adventure.

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