It was an interesting day today. I had three hours of class time today: a one hour lecture, followed by two hours in a lab.

At the lecture, something neat happened. The prof was describing a software engineering concept. After he was done, the girl next to me asked me to clarify what he had just said. I was like, “Whoa, some girl in com sci is asking me, some clueless dude in mechanical engineering, to explain this com sci stuff!” I did the best I could to explain the concept, I’m not sure I did a good job in relating it to her. It’s neat that she asked me and that I was able to explain it to her because I was a bit apprehensive about doing all these com sci courses. This sorta validates that, yes, in fact, I can do com sci and I can keep up with the com sci students. Then another funny thing happened. The girl wanted me to put down my name and e-mail address so that she could e-mail me any questions she had… lol… I told her I doubt I could be much use, but I gave her my contact info… ha ha ha.

After the lecture, I headed straight to my lab. This was going to be my first lab in a long time, and even longer since my last com sci lab. Despite some minor network problems, the lab went quite well. I was keeping up with the rest of the computer engineering students. The lab was quite enjoyable, though easy, but it was a good intro to some software engineering tools. The TA was really nice too, and he explained a few things about Java that C++ programmers would need to know.

So, though I know it will get harder, I’m sure I can do this com sci material now. Yay!

Now for some random observations. As I walk around campus, I’ve noticed that nearly everybody wears their backpacks with both straps over their shoulders. Back when I was in undergrad, it seemed to me like less than half the people wore their backpacks with both straps. It just wasn’t done. Only if your pack was really heavy, or if you were a square did you wear both straps. Now, times appear to have changed. I remember a few years back, there were some news stories in the media about how children should wear both straps and that not doing so could cause back problems. I guess the kids that were around when those stories broke are now in university. Weird.

Here’s another weird observation. About two weeks ago, I was at Walmart at Lougheed Mall buying stuff for my new place. While I was there, I’m sure I saw a guy that I used to go to high school with. His face was very familar and I think he was in my math class or something. Anyways, it was no big deal and I filed it away in my head.

Well, twice now, I’ve seen the same guy leaving the vicinity of the Electrical Engineering building on campus. Everytime, I see him leaving that area and heading to The Barn, which is a coffee shop. The thing is, I haven’t actually seen him leave or enter the EE building, so I can’t really be sure where he’s coming from. Now I want to know.

And for my final observation, man, the chicks here at UBC are so damn hot!!! Ha ha ha…. ha… heh… ahem…

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