Hmmm… this thing still isn’t working right. Anyways, I had a long evening at the lab tonight. I met up with my three com sci buddies to hack out a group assignment we had.

We met at the lab at 7pm. We had a quick discussion of the code and then started to work. It’s amazing how much smoother things go when you talk about the code first.

About three hours later, we assembled our little pieces together and gathered around one machine. Ok, it didn’t compile at first, but five minutes later, we had an executable that ran.

This is when the problems started. While the code ran, it didn’t spit out the right output. Problems with logic are so much harder to solve than problems with syntax.

Two hours of debugging later, it was still screwed up. At midnight, we left the lab and agreed to work on it again the next day.

That’s when I went to the Village Country Style for a sandwich. Ever since I found out the Country Style was open 24/7, I’ve been looking forward to getting a late night snack from them. This was the first night.

I took home a tasty clubhouse sandwich. Their toaster was broken so I had to have untoasted bread. Bummer. Oh well, I was starving, so I didn’t care.

Man, that was like five hours tonight of just doing one assignment. Stuff that like that isn’t fun.

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