Well, I’ve done nothing all morning, and I should be working right now, but I decided to post a few interesting stats about my website. I downloaded a program last night that distills all my site stats into a readable, coherent report. I’ll going to release the stats in little chunks, so it’s not so overwhelming. Here are the overall stats for my site since March 5, 2002:

Web Server Statistics for

General Summary

(Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending 28-Sep-2002 01:47).

Successful requests: 95,026 (4,763)

Average successful requests per day: 460 (680)

Successful requests for pages: 28,345 (1,179)

Average successful requests for pages per day: 137 (168)

Failed requests: 472 (0)

Redirected requests: 1,238 (30)

Distinct files requested: 1,163 (616)

Distinct hosts served: 3,143 (223)

Data transferred: 43.622 gigabytes (2.410 gigabytes)

Average data transferred per day: 216.509 megabytes (352.642 megabytes)

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