So, I go and watch Austin Powers 3 : Goldmember today. Quick review: the others were funnier.

Anyways, the movie ends and I’m walking down the steps of the auditorium. The theatre is sparsely packed, there’s perhaps maybe 10 people left. I get down to the last step and for some reason, my ankle rolls. My world tumbles down all around me. I’m stunned. I realize I’m on my back. For a split second, I think if I spring back up no one will notice. The thought passes quickly as I come to the grips with the fact I’ve taken a huge spill at the bottom of the steps. I put my head down on the floor, preparing for the embarassment that will surely come.

Some guy steps into the aisle. Mercifully, he says nothing to me. I decide to get up before he reaches me. I pop up and make a bee-line to the auditorium door. I don’t look behind me. As I’m walking, my right ankle begins to feel warm. I try to walk normally, but I have a slight limp. I’m trying to desperately to make it to my car as fast as I can. I figure the metal will shield me from my embarassment. Luckily, I parked underground where they are no other cars at the time. I get in my car and then I realize something surprising. I’m still holding my soft drink cup. It didn’t spill when I took my spill.

I drive away from the theatre in a quick fashion. I get home and my ankle still feels warm. Now it feels a bit sore. At this point, I feel like it’s going to be ok.

After dinner, I take a nap. When I get up, my ankle is kinda stiff now, though not swollen. I was going to go on a hike this week, but that maybe in jeopardy now.

UPDATE: Upon closer inspection, there is some minor swelling and it seems more tender than it was before. I could ice the thing, but that would be the logical thing to do.

Can we all learn anything from this? Yes, I think we can. Don’t fall down at the theatre in front of people.

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