Today I went to Linen ‘n Things in Coquitlam to pick up a few more household goods for my new place. It’s a very nice store. I’ve never been to a Linen ‘n Things before. I was impressed. They have a very wide selection of goods to fill any new home.

Seeing all the stuff made me want to be rich and have a new home to furnish. I needed a toothbrush holder. I saw one that was $40, it was made out of silver and it looked like a candle holder. I settled for a chrome toothbrush holder and it still cost me $18.

I must have looked out of place at the store. Twice, the same store associate came up to me and asked if I needed any assistance. I guess they don’t get many under-30 heterosexual males who go into their store alone. This is Coquitlam after all.

In the end, I also got a bathmat, wine bottle opener, and a shelf for a shower.

It’s a neat store. If you have lots of $$$, go make a visit. By the way, if you’re a guy and your gf/wife drags you along, don’t worry, LNT hires many young and hot looking women at their stores.

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