So today, my father and I went to the insurance place to change ownership of his car back to him. I’ve been to this insurance place many times before. Everytime I’ve gone, it has been staffed with friendly, older ladies. Going on this assumption, I decide to leave my less than coiffed hair and put on a wrinky t-shirt to go to this place. So of course, when I step into the insurance place, there’s an absolutely stunning hottie sitting at one of the desks. In a way, I wasn’t surprised, but I was at the same time. She was fit, tanned, toned, and beautiful.

Thank God, she wasn’t the one my father spoke to earlier. The agent that did saw and us, and we sat down at her desk. So now I’m regretting have a million wrinkles in my t-shirt. I notice I have toothpaste residue on my hand, and I’m wondering if it’s on my mouth still. Perfect.

I’m almost certain aspects of life can be distilled into mathematical equations. The level of hotness of that girl today was directly proportional to the level of messiness I was in. Such is life.

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