If I could just slip into my crochety, ornery old man persona for a bit, I’d like to rant for a bit. Thanks.

First year students at UBC these days sure have it easy. Back when I was a first year, I had to walk uphill both… er, I mean… well, for instance, first years will never know the joy of lining up for over two hours in bookstore lineup to purchase outrageously priced textbooks. Back in my day, you had to endure a war of attrition with your fellow students waiting for the line to inch ahead. Woe were you, when you got to the sign that said, “The wait from here is approx. 2 hours”. These days, all first years have to do is submit their class lists to the bookstore. The bookstore then processes the lists, picks the texts for them, packs them into a box, and informs you everything is ready. The students then come, pay, and pick up the box. Done!

If that weren’t enough, first years don’t even have class the first week. They have this week long “orientation”, where UBC gently eases the wussies into university life. They an entire week of just getting used to the campus! Back in my day, we sure as hell had classes the first week! In fact, for three of my classes we had a midterm worth 40% on the very first day!

There’s no excuse for first years to fail now. The exams virtually write themselves!!!

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