Undoubtedly, if you’re a guy you’ve noticed the proliferation of these low slung jeans that young women are wearing. They ride really low on the hip. Women who wear these jeans invariably see fit to also have thong underwear underneath. How can you tell? It’s obvious when these women sit down. The jeans are low, and the straps of the thong sit high on the waist. Combine those two and you got some entertainment.

I was at the Lougheed Mall food court yesterday. As I made my way to KF… I mean the sandwich place, I saw this attractive woman at one of the tables. She was wearing the abeforementioned combination. I could plainly see the top of her pink satin thong above her jeans.

As I walked past, I thought, “Cool!”. Then, as I lined up for my bucket of chi… I mean BLT, I wondered is that really cool? Wouldn’t I be better off not seeing her thong? These women are plainly hot and there’s almost no chance in hell I’d ever snag any of them. By showing me a tantalizing piece of their underwear, isn’t that just mean? Aren’t they just saying, “Hey, have a tiny peek at my thong, nice huh? That’s as close as you’ll ever get… ha ha ha!”.

Now, had I not seen that food court thong, I would have turned my attention to getting fries… I mean a salad with my BLT. Wouldn’t ignorance be bliss in this case?

As I tossed the bones aside from my BLT, my thoughts changed though. No, I concluded, it is wrong to not want to glance at thong. Rather than view it as a taunt, I should view it as a gift, a bonus if you will. If these hot women are willing to show a little off, then we should appreciate what we are given.

End of story.

By the way, most men probably have already come to the same conclusion, and done it much faster too, but this is me.

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