It’s late, I’m tired, I should be in bed, but I need to be up for a few more minutes yet. The house is quiet, but it’s almost empty. The walls are bare, and many rooms are devoid of furnishings. Tomorrow, I’m moving the rest of my stuff to a tiny townhouse. My parent’s townhouse. My mom has decided she doesn’t want to deal with mortgage payments anymore. That’s fine, but I get the feeling my parents didn’t expect to have their 28 year old son with them in the grand scheme of things. Ha ha ha. Well, that’s what I get for deviating from an engineering career (what a sacrifice I made for you EA! lol).

I’ll miss this house. We moved in right when I started university, which was the most important chapter in my life. My memories of school and this house go hand in hand. That’s odd, because I lived in residence while at UBC. There are many others reasons why I loved this house. When he moved in, this house was brand spanking new, untouched by any family. It actually looked shiny. We came from a house that was over 25 years old at the time. It had only one bathroom, the new place had three. Our old house didn’t have a garage, the new place had a two car garage (with an electric door opener, something which my parents had never had). The old place was small, the new place had more room that we knew what to do with (my mom eventually solved that problem by buying new furniture). The old place had crappy appliances, the new place had a refrigerator that made ice on demand! The old place had one ancient phone jack in the most inconvenient place, the new place had a phone jack in almost every room.

Of course over a span of ten years, you form many other memories as well. With so much new space, a lot of family was able to visit. Almost all my cousins came over to stay, some for even extended periods of time. I also remember watching a lot of the Canucks games in the house during their run to the Cup in ’94. Strangely, one of my fondest memories consists of putting together a new barbeque in the middle of the kitchen floor on a hot Saturday evening. My sister was watching Pulp Fiction on TV and she was listening to me swear as I got all sweaty when the legs of the bbq wouldn’t fit together. I remember getting DSL in ’99 and the thrill of having the Internet on all the time.

It’s all the little slices of life that happened in this house that I will take with me. Can a house feel like a part of a family? I certainly think so.

Well, I’m rambling so I’ll end it here. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly. I should have the DSL back up on Tuesday. I’ll be back then.

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