Today, I went to Ikea with my mom to help her buy furniture. There’s always hot women at Ikea. I also like Ikea’s contemporary furnishings. Hot women and nice looking furniture, it makes for a great afternoon. I wish I could meet a girl at Ikea, that way, I’d be assured she’d be hot and have good taste at the same time.

After I dropped my mom and the furniture off at home, I went to Staples by myself. I went to buy some pens and I also went and looked at electronics (it’s for my thesis). Anyways, after I left Staples, I noticed that I was around a Wendy’s restaurant. It was 4:30pm, and I knew I had a Father’s Day dinner with my parents at 6:30pm. What the hell I said, and I ordered a Classic Single Combo. It was good too. I think out of all the fast food chains, Wendy’s is the best. Their food looks and tastes most like homemade items. I only wish they had more locations, if so, I wouldn’t be visiting McDonald’s so often.

Anyways, so as you might have expected, when dinner time rolled around, I wasn’t hungry at all. Which was alright, since my parents brought home the extra lobster. Oh well.

Hey, Greg Williams, if you’re reading this, it was nice seeing you at the A&B on Friday.

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