Several months ago, my web server had to be re-started due to the unfortunate hacker incident. At the time, I believed that I had lost the ability to view the log which kept track of who was visiting my web site. Yesterday, I was made aware that the logs were being stored in an obscure area of my server. Thanks Stephen.

So, I spent about 45 min. this afternoon pouring over the log of visitors to my site from early March to today. The log isn’t that detailed, but it does allow me to see which domains people are surfing in from and from what general geographical region. Not surprisingly, a large percentage of you are using Shaw Cable and Telus ADSL, revealing my large local audience.

What is suprisingly, however, are the obscure visitors that I get. Whether they find me through search engines or word of mouth, I’m amazed at the different places people visit. I’ve had visitors from every continent of the world, except for Antarctica. Now before you say it’s impossible to get the Internet on Antarctica, I assure you can. The Palmer Research Station on Antarctica is wired to go! Now if I can only get one of those scientists to visit while on duty.

Here’s a short list of interesting visitors I’ve had: a big law firm, a university I’ve never heard of, a prestigious, Ivy League school , a big tech firm, and even The Chief of a very important institution.

It’s fun having a web site!

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