I saw Attack of the Clones again tonight, this time in pure digital glory. This viewing was at the Silvercity Riverport complex in Richmond.

This was the very first film I saw using a digital projector. Was it better than a traditional projector? Yes, it was. Every frame was flawless. The images were bright and crisp. Things you usually see with a traditional print, like dust and dirt, were completely missing from the digital experience. Do you ever notice how a film stutters briefly when they change reels? This never happens with a digital projector. Also, have you noticed sometimes a weird oval appears in the upper right hand of the frame? This is an print identification oval. No such oval exists in the digital print.

I would say a traditional print could probably compete with the quality of a digital print on its’ very first showing. After that though, there’s no competition. Every time a strip of film goes through a projector, damage is caused to the print. A digital print will be just as flawless on the first showing as its’ 100th showing.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital projection technology take a look at this web site.

Thanks to Chris Dumaresq and to Chris Dellinger (thanks for the wings), for accompanying me to this most digital of experiences.

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